Welcome to Vintage Roots – Pop Music in Vintage Styles

Vintage Roots is a Melbourne based flexible jazz band that re-interpret classic pop songs in vintage styles. It’s pop classics done in 1930’s, Motown, New Orleans groove, Reggae or even straight out swing.

Including Standard Jazz repertoire, Vintage Roots perform catchy versions of pop songs by artists such as Cold Chisel, John Farnham, Maroon 5, Justice Crew, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Men At Work, Midnight Oil and lots more. Exploring a plethora of genres from the jazz idiom this is pop music like you’ve never heard before.

Vintage Roots will redefine what you know as pop music.

It’s Pop music with a Jazz edge.

Add some sophistication, class, and live entertainment to your function, wedding, birthday, anniversary, event…..